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If you have elected to pack your household goods yourself, there are a few things you need to be well aware of.
It is very important to select the right packing materials (for example, it is wise to purchase boxes that are made for moving rather than boxes you can get from your local grocery shop or liquor shop). To be sure you are purchasing proper moving boxes; locate the crush proof tested seal located at the bottom of the box.
Moving Boxes can make a big difference in the outcome of your move. Like anything else, the quality of the box can determine the strength it has to survive a long distance move. Not all boxes are made of the same quality. Some Moving boxes are stronger than others and are made specifically for moving. The type of box you use will directly affect the safety and condition that your possessions will arrive in at your destination. In addition to the quality of the boxes, size also matters. These boxes are made in standard sizes and it will make it easier to plan, load, and stack the boxes onto the truck to ensure perfect loading and safety while in transit:
Book box / Small box (1.5 Cu.Ft) – This box is perfect for books, CD’s, DVD’s, office supplies and/or typing paper.
Medium box (3.0 Cu.Ft) – Ideal for non-fragile and somewhat heavy items like toys, pots, linens, folded clothes, games, shoes, hand bags, etc.
Large box (3.0 Cu.Ft) – (4.5 Cu.Ft) – Articles that are very light and bulky like pillows, towels, comforters and lampshades.
China/Dish box (6.1 Cu.Ft) – Heavy duty box with doubled corrugated walls are designed especially for fragile items such as dishes, glasses, vases, plates, crystal, etc.
Mirror/Picture box (6.1 Cu.Ft)- These narrow boxes can accommodate different sized mirror/pictures, wall arts and glass table tops.
Lamp box (6.1 Cu.Ft)(6.0 Cu.Ft) – Designed only for large and/or floor lamps.
Wardrobe box with metal bar (16.1 Cu.Ft) – Ideal for hanging clothes and non-delicate items (i.e. – cushions, linens, etc.)
Packing Tape
For securing all boxes, most common and easy to use is a plastic tape called “PVC”.
Use for wrapping fine china and/or dishes. NEVER USE NEWSPAPER! Newspaper leaves ink on your dishes and it’s impossible to remove.
Bubble Wrap
Use for wrapping fine china and/or dishes. Perfect for fine china, collectibles, glassware and other big fragile items (i.e. – TVs, mirrors, pictures, glass top tables, marble, etc.)
Magic Markers
Will help you label and specify each box and in which room they belong (this will help the movers place all the boxes in the correct rooms for you upon arriving at your new home).
Shrink Wrap
For better protection, this wrap is used after all the bubble wrap & Moving Pads to better secure your household items. (We also recommend using shrink wrap on light colored upholstered items prior to applying the Moving Pads). Please feel free to ask one of our Certified Moving Consultants for more information.
Mattress Covers
Keep your mattresses and box springs clean during moving and/or storing. The covers will help protect against oil, dust and water damage.
Quilted Moving Pads
To protect your furniture, the movers will wrap all the non-fragile items with (72″x82″) quilted pads.
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