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When searching for an international moving company, Nationwide Van Lines can make it a very pleasant trip.
With our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, you can always assure extraordinary service with a fair price. We’ll protect your goods with the best materials handled by our Certified Packers & Loaders from the American Moving & Storage Association right here in the United States. Your Nationwide Van Lines overseas specialist will record everything needed to accurately price you from door to door and even handle the sea voyage in between. No matter if you’re moving across town here in the U.S. or across a sea, we’ll keep you moving in a professional and timely manner.
Not familiar with Customs of your destination country?
Feel free to ask us anything! We want to know what’s on your mind so we can better prepare you for what’s to come. We do understand that international shipment.We will walk you through your needed customs documentation, duty, tax, import requirements, labeling & marking procedure, restricted and prohibited items and also some brief knowledge of your destination. We are your one stop shop for international household move. It’s that easy!
Let us add a smile to your move. Click on your desired country below to get started with your Nationwide Van Lines experience.
How WE Move YOU
Don’t worry about your Door-to-Door move. We’ll handle it for you. Nationwide Van Lines will organize your household goods shipment in its entirety. Your goods will be packed according to your destination’s specifications, loaded into a container, shipped to your destination country and delivered right to your residence. One of the main questions most clients we encounter ask is “What is the process of moving overseas?” We at Nationwide Van Lines wish to make you very knowledgeable of your upcoming overseas move. Below, we’ve prepared a brief synopsis of your moving process abroad.
1. Your Pick Up
If you are moving from the United States, our Certified Packers & Loaders will protect your household goods (HHGS) to safely endure its upcoming voyage. Your container will be dropped off, loaded and sealed right at your pickup location. If you are moving to the + Cargo United States, we will organize your delivery from your port of departure to your destination address here in the U.S.
2. Your Custom Fees & Taxes After your household goods HHGS have arrived to your destination port of entry and cleared by import Customs, duties and taxes will be due for release. Depending on the country you are moving to and your citizenship status, your custom fees and taxes may vary.Your Nationwide Van Lines agent will take care of all of your import Customs Clearance (CC). You can also contact the proper embassy and/or consulate to learn more about your financial responsibilities. Below, we’ve prepared the general Customs Clearance Process at your convenience.
  • 1. Your necessary documents will be filed by your Customs Brokers for the import clearance procedure prior to your household goods reaching the Port of Entry at your destination county.
  • 2. An Import General Manifest (IGM) will be filed after your household goods arrives to the port.
  • 3. Your shipment will be marked with its own IGM number and a line number.
  • 4. Complete your Bill of Entry electronically using the Customs web software at the Customs office.
  • 5. Your Bill of Entry will be checked for approval by the appropriate Customs agent.
  • 6. Your goods are examined to assure all items are accepted due to the means of prohibited and restricted household goods. If approved, your household goods will receive a bill to be “passed out of Customs”. If any items are not approved, they may incur fees or may not be able to be released by Customs.
  • 7. Duties are charged, if applicable, with payment to be satisfied for clearance./li>
  • 8. The processed Bill of Entry will be printed and signed by a Customs agent.
  • 9. After turning in your Bill of Entry of “passed out of Customs”, your items will be ready for release.
3. Your Delivery in Your New Country After your household goods HHGS have arrived to your destination port of entry and cleared by import Customs, duties and taxes will be due for release. Depending on the country you are moving to and your citizenship status, your custom fees and taxes may vary.Your Nationwide Van Lines agent will take care of all of your import Customs Clearance (CC). You can also contact the proper embassy and/or consulate to learn more about your financial responsibilities. Below, we’ve prepared the general Customs Clearance Process at your convenience.
International Glossary
International Moving Terms: The language of international household moves can sometimes be confusing for the first time moving overseas. From documentations to the lingo of Customs, there are many words you should familiarize yourself with. Please review the most important international household terminology below.
Latin term meaning “according to value”. Used to determine duty charges.
Person who is authorized to construct business for and in representation of another or a company. The different types of agents are brokers, commission merchants, resident buyers, sales agents and manufacturer’s representatives.
Documentation of details regarding your household shipment of goods including the types of goods, quantity, origin and destination. This document also plays as a receipt at the destination.
Items loaded onto the vessel.
The person(s) who are in charge of moving cargo by rail, road, air and inland waterway.
The item(s) being shipped.
The shipper.
The receiver.
The government officer of one state in another territory who represents and protects the interest of their country and its nationals in another state. He/she controls the travel and trade relations of their country and their residing territory their appointed to.
20’, 40’ or refrigerated steel container that protects your HHGS. It can be dislodged from a chassis of a truck and can be loaded onto a vessel, rail car or stored.
A government agency who has the responsibility to enforce the rules passed and to protect the country’s import and export revenues. This department also collect all duties set by the government accepting the import of HHGS.
A tax charged on imports by the authorities of Customs. This tax is responsible to help raise state revenue and/or to protect domestic industries from competing against like products manufactured abroad.
The country where the shipment will be received by the consignee.
The act of shipping the container and its contents from the consignor to consignee. Your household goods will be packed and loaded into a container, transported to the port and then shipped. After CC, your items will be delivered to your new residence in your new country.
(Full Container Load) – When the shipment occupies the entire container with just your HHGS.
The act of receiving goods from a foreign country.
When the shipment occupies less than a full container and is charged at a partial container load rate. See Loose Freight.
An itemized list of contents being shipped. Also known as an Inventory List.
Click Here for a full list of international moving terms
Questions & Answers
We understand that you are full of questions, thus we are full of answers. Please take a look at the most common questions asked by clients just like you.
You’ve found it! We at Nationwide Van Lines want to assure that your household goods will be handled in a professional manner. Your highly skilled Certified Moving Consultant will organize each stage of your transport to satisfy all of your international moving needs.
The timing of transit isn’t the same for each country. Clearance, processing and sea time varies from country to country, thus your Certified Moving Consultant will advise you of the expected length of transit time to help you plan accordingly.
Each country has its own regulations of which HHGS are accepted, restricted and prohibited. Our knowledgeable agents will educate you on which HHGS are not allowed and restricted in your destined country. Like always, we will keep all the aspects of your voyage smooth as possible.
We take great pride in packing your household goods professionally. Our Certified Packers & Loaders will utilize the best materials to keep your goods safe. If you’re moving from the U.S. with delicate and/or fragile items, our Certified Packers & Loaders will carefully handle & crate your precious item. Our crate specialist will design a crate made especially to fit and protect your important articles. We want to protect your important move.
We truly understand that running a company is hard enough, let alone moving your company to another country. Here at Nationwide Van Lines, we strive to keep your business livelihood alive. We will accommodate all of your intricate service needs from the disassembly of your office furniture to packing sensitive equipment. The assembly and setup is always included. Your business is our business!
There are many types of containers that we can provide to accommodate any overseas move. Whether you’re in need of a 20 foot container or even a 40 foot container, our international staff can find the perfect container size to safeguard your HHGS. Below, you will find the different types of containers and descriptions we can utilize for your important move. Dry Storage Container – The most widely used container for overseas shipping household goods. Most shipped goods are of dry materials, therefor we provide 20 & 40 foot containers to fit your HHGS needs. High-Cubed Container – A container that’s higher than standard containers standing 9’6’’. Great for light, large and tall goods. Refrigerated Container – A climate controlled container used to transport items that are in need of a certain degree of temperature.
The size of your move should never be a worry when choosing Nationwide Van Lines. Since many clients can’t fill a container completely with their household goods, we offer partial container space that can easily fit your needs. Your HHGS will be consolidated properly to your country at a very convenient price, in what are called “Lift Vans”, referred to as LCL (Less than a Container Load).
There’s no volume too large or too small for Nationwide Van Lines to ship overseas. With Less than a Container Load (LCL) & Full Container Load (FCL) containers available, we can move your desired amount of HHGS at a reasonable price. From partially filling a container to filling multiple containers, Nationwide Van Lines will provide the space your household goods need. Our goal is to provide as many options as possible to help ease your overseas needs.
Happy Sailings!
All information featured above is for viewing purposes only. To obtain up-to-date information about overseas shipment, please notify your nearest Consulate.